April 13-15, 2018


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for—the moment when the good life comes alive as never before.

Come explore a world of possibilities that reflect who you are today—your values, your style, your dreams, your goals. Come celebrate with family and friends, old and new. Come live the life you love.

Come to I Heart Halal, the first-ever Muslim lifestyle expo in America. It’s all good, and it’s all here.

Navy Pier April 13-15, 2018


Grab a place in the spotlight at I Heart Halal, and get ready for your best year ever. 20,000 people, representing a market worth $170 billion, will be there ready to look, listen, sample, and buy from you. Show them you're good, and find out how much bigger your market share can be.


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89 percent of American Muslims say they wish more American brands would talk to them. They're ready to listen, and they account for more then 3.5% of the nation's GDP. Sponsor I Heart Halal. Start - or continue - the conversation that could lead your brand to the next level.


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Tickets go on-sale January 2018!

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