Fatmah Williams

Fatmah Williams is a Palestinian-American born in Florida, raised in Missouri, and has been living in California since 2000. She’s a strong-willed businesswoman who is making an impact in the ‘Muslim arena’ as a liaison between the community and other various groups at large; with delicious food, beautifully adorned Islamic wear and conversations that are sure to strike up genuine interest regardless of age, gender, race, religion, etc…

Fatmah is the CEO and Head Chef at Knafeh Queens, the dessert brand responsible for turning impartial occasional indulgers into addicts that look for any small occasion just to find an excuse to order the delicious sweet and savory dessert comprised of a crunchy outer layer and a soft rich creamy filling made using a generations old mouthwatering recipe. Fulfilling the ultimate goal of her brand, she is helping to build bridges by introducing the non-knafeh community to a new dessert that peaks curiosity and interest in learning more about its origins just from the first bite, thus breaking barriers in new ways that Muslims yearn for. Knafeh Queens has received several prestigious awards which prompted catering requests from various celebrities who want “in” on the action, successfully expanding upon Knafeh Queens goal of bridging gaps.

Fatmah is also one of the Founders and CEOs of Hilwah Kids, an adorable clothing line catering to babies and young children, that displays popular sayings and compliments used in ‘Muslim culture’. Unique to their brand is their donation of a portion of the proceeds to orphanages worldwide.

Feeling compelled to give back to her community in any way possible, Fatmah takes on any opportunity to showcase the necessity and strength of the Muslim community whether it is through speaking engagements teaching school children how to run a business to organizing and taking part in feedings serving as a means for the homeless on Skid Row to know that the community does care . Her latest impactful projects have included ensuring refugees feel welcome.

Instagram: @knafehqueens