Brother Ali

Brother Ali is a highly respected Hip Hop artist, speaker and community organizer from Minneapolis, MN. His decade long resume includes six critically acclaimed albums, mentorships with Iconic Hip Hop legends Chuck D and Rakim and performances on late night talk shows with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. He’s been the subject of Al-Jazeera and NPR pieces and was a keynote speaker at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. He’s landed coveted press features such as Rolling Stone’s 40th anniversary “Artist to Watch” and Source Magazine’s “Hip Hop Quotables”.

Brother Ali has won the hearts and minds of Hip Hop fans worldwide with his intimate song-writing, captivating live performances and outspoken stance on issues of Justice and Human Dignity. In 2007, Ali was flagged by The US Department of Homeland Security for his controversial critique of America’s human rights violations in his song/video “Uncle Sam Goddamn”. In the summer of 2012, Ali was arrested in an act of civil disobedience as an organizer of Minnesota’s Occupy Homes movement to defend Twin Cities homeowners from unjust foreclosures.

In addition to Brother Ali’s artistic and social justice work, he studies Islamic theology, spirituality and Arabic with some of North America’s greatest masters and was a student of the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed. His familiarity with the indigenous Muslim American experience, accompanied by in-depth study of the Islamic tradition have allowed him to travel and speak alongside Dr Umar F. Abd-Allah (a highly esteemed scholar of Islam) in settings around the world. He’s spoken at the ISNA, MAS and Savior’s Day conferences and is a regular presenter at Ta’leef Collective’s Fremont, and Chicago campuses. He leads prayer services at mosques across the country and recently led symposia at Harvard and Stanford Universities about Hip Hop, Islam and Politics.

Brother Ali is currently working on his first literary offering, tackling the topics that are discussed in his speaking engagements and workshops.