Author, Orator and Motivational speaker, Omar Muhammad (a.k.a. BrothaOmar) has served as the
resident Khateeb of Masjid al-Faatir for more than 25 years. Grandson of legendary social reformer,
Elijah Muhammad, BrothaOmar has dedicated his life to establishing Al-Islam in America as the solution
to society’s social and spiritual ills. Whether he is engaged in enlightening and empowering at-risk youth,
facilitating annual food giveaways to needy families, or distributing assistance to the poor; BrothaOmar
continues to build upon the legacy of his father, Jabir Herbert Muhammad and Heavyweight Boxing
Champion Muhammad Ali – the founders of Masjid al-Faatir, Chicago.
A current Student of Knowledge having studied the language of Arabic at Imam Muhammad University
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; BrothaOmar serves as a director on the Boards of the Muhammad Islamic
Corporation and the Voice of Islam Foundation. He is also a skilled graphic designer and assists in the
production of Islamic books and video presentations for philanthropic organizations.
An entrepreneur at heart, BrothaOmar’s most recent endeavors include the founding of the Haqq Institute,
a non-profit Corporation; as well as the Thabeeha Certification Agency, Bismillah Certified Foods.
BrothaOmar is the mind behind the “Rock Haqq” Muslim Youth Thought Leaders Initiative, and is the
creator of ultimate protection against body odor – The All Natural, Alcohol-Free and wuduSafe™ –
Royale Deodorant De Luxe.
BrothaOmar resides in Chicago, Illinois and can be found leading Jumu’ah prayer every Friday at Masjid
al-Faatir, Chicago.