Nourish Loyalty at I Heart Halal

I Heart Halal connects more than 20,000 Halal consumers with companies creating the better-for-you food, fashion, beauty & business that aligns with a Halal lifestyle. Much more than a food festival, I Heart Halal celebrates the food, art, talent and values that nourish all of us.

I Heart Halal is the platform for brands to connect not only with the incredible buying power of Muslim Americans, which exceeds $98 billion, but also with the broad-demographic of Halal consumers interested in supporting companies who produce quality, ethical products. As the only event focused on connecting better-for-you companies and consumers in the Midwest, the festival attracts an audience interested in supporting companies who produce quality products and uphold ethical values.

Our thoughtfully designed event encourages authentic interaction between brands and consumers. We deliver a large and influential audience who spends quality time at the event, eating, socializing, being entertained and celebrating with family and friends.

Working with I Heart Halal demonstrates your commitment to diversity and your promise to create products that nourish what matters–quality values, family and community.

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