Film Competition

Deadline to Enter is April 10


The Mosquers Film Festival is a short film festival that aims to educate, entertain and build bridges by showcasing the talent of Muslim creatives and the diverse Muslim experience. At its inception in 2007, the Mosquers was a modest short-film competition based out of Edmonton, Canada, showcasing the everyday issues and experiences from the perspectives of members of the local Muslim community. Serving as a channel for talented and creative individuals to express themselves, the goal in mind at the time was simple: to combat misconceptions about Muslims – to demonstrate the diversity in each individual’s experiences, and to highlight the humans behind the label.

Today, the Mosquers draws talented filmmakers from across the globe, as well as an ever-growing number of creatives from a variety of different disciplines, all with the common goal of sharing the Muslim experience and the wealth of talent present in the diverse Muslim community. Audience members from around the world are treated to a premiere evening featuring incredible films and captivating performances, all capped off with an opportunity to meet and converse with the filmmakers and artists in a laid-back, open environment.


This year at I Heart Halal in Chicago, Illinois, the Mosquers Film Festival invites you to share your video making skills in a 24 hour short-film competition for your chance to win tickets to the Mosquers Film Festival this Fall in Edmonton, Alberta! Grab your camera! Grab your phone! Grab whatever video recording device you can! Showcase your talent and skills by creating a short (3-10 minute) film in 24 hours! The contest is open to people of any faith, race, religion, or creed. The contest is open to everyone in attendance at I heart halal festival. The winner(s) of the 24-hour short film competition will be announced on Sunday during our ‘Best of Fest’ Showcase at 2:00pm. To enter the competition, register at by April 10, 2019! All the participants will receive an email with instructions on April 11, 2019.